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 This morning my friends and I set out to Concordia University, in the
 heart of downtown Montreal, to hear Benjamin Netanyahu (former Prime
 Minister of Israel) speak. Many articles were featured in the Montreal
 papers leading up to today's speech, warning of protest action. I had a
 good idea of what we would face as we approached Concordia, but I could
 never have predicted what actually happened once we were there............

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My name is Henry Alkin and I have been studying Torah for several years - during the course of my personal studies I have tried to write what I felt was 'a more easily readable' versions of each weekly Parasha.

Each of my synoptic writings deals with the main thrust of the Parasha (weekly segment) by 'removing' a lot of repetition in the hopes of making it more understandable to the 'English' speaking reader.
Needless to say for a comprehensive and thorough study one has to go to a conventional Chumash*. I find that by reading my version you can get a good grasp of the weekly segment 'Parasha' in 5-10 minutes. That's it in a nutshell!
The following are my ideas, and would very much like to know what you have to say to this agenda, I very much appreciate all comments that you might care to send.
(1) I will dispatch by E-Mail every Monday the 'Parasha' of the week
(2) The 'class' can study it and read their personal copies of the Chumash* where necessary or if one is interested in a more elaborate or traditional view.
(3) Questions and comments can be made by recipients if/when inclined.
(4) Answers can then be provided by me if possible, or if the questioner gives permission I can forward the question to the online 'class' directly or rephrased so as to preserve confidentiality.

My purpose is to bring Torah study to as many as possible via the internet.
To receive your weekly Parasha and or to gain access to the discussion area, register now with Henry Alkin .

(*Chumash =Hebrew Bible)

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